The rainbow bridge

Far beyond the sky in another dimension lies a beautiful enchanted land. It is the resting place for all the animals who have served man, many of whom sacrificed their lives to save mankind. To enter this land, the animals cross over the Rainbow Bridge. The Bridge was called so by the angels for its profusion of rainbow-like colors which glow and fade in welcome to the new arrivals.
It is a land of lush green meadows, flowing streams, and an endless variety of trees. There are ponds scattered about for the new arrivals to bathe and wash away all traces of their previous existence. They emerge refreshed after their long journey across the bridge.
There are myriads of flowers, many growing in vines which criss-cross the branches in the trees. The air is fragrant with their sweet perfumes. Bones and catnip rain intermittently from the air above.
In this magic land, all become young again. The old and infirm run about as they did in their youth. The crippled and maimed are made whole again. The days are spent cavorting across the many fields and enjoying the company of the many varieties of animals here. Most happy, if this can be so, are the dogs and otters who are even more playful here than on earth.
There is but one note of sadness here. It is reflected in the eyes of the animals who were pets of humans who loved them while on earth. If one looks deeply into their eyes, this sadness is seen. They miss that unique love, care, and devotion they received from their own special companion. Many had received more love from their owners than their owners had given to their fellow humans.
And then one day, one special, magic day, your own pet looks up. A familiar sound has reached its ears. Its nose begins to twitch, its ears go up, and its tail begins to wag uncontrollably. Its stares, then begins to run toward you.
He knows you have come for him. He takes one great leap and once again is in your arms. Your face is kissed and kissed, and kissed again. You look once more into the trusting, loving eyes of your beloved pet. Together you walk across the rainbow bridge, never again to be separated.